Quality leaders are constantly looking for digital tools that can help them complete their layered process audits (LPAs) as efficiently as possible. The goal of an LPA is to turbo-charge quality and continuous improvement. At the same time, manufacturing companies that are still using paper or form filler software to churn through and find that the process can be riddled with errors because employees often mindlessly check through these hundreds of items without truly evaluating if the criteria are met. To get valuable data and quality improvements, leaders need to go digital for layered process audits to make sure compliance is met and data is captured in a meaningful, actionable way. With all of the new innovation in quality, it’s time to reimagine your layered process audit with Anvl.

How Can I Reimagine My Layered Process Audit?

Are Anvl Layered Process Audits right for you? Ask yourself these questions to find out:

Do you know what the actual issues are?

By tracking data on paper or spreadsheets, information can get lost pretty quickly. Layered Process Audits in Anvl provide real-time guidance and in-the-moment alerts of nonconformance to leaders. Auditors receive real-time prompts to document the reaction plan if a nonconformance is identified. Issues that can’t be resolved in-the-moment can prompt auditors for corrective actions or initiate a stop work notification with Anvl’s digital andon cord.

How do you evaluate the trends uncovered in your audit data?

Do you have a trend analysis process in place? In addition to covering the fundamentals such as tracking nonconformance over time and identifying core issues, Anvl can be tailored to uncover trends in any data element captured – to understand what’s happening and where to focus. This can be impossible to do with with paper and spreadsheets.

Audit usage trends uncovered with Anvl tell you where improvements in your process can be implemented — Where do answers never deviate? What are the patterns? Where do failures always occur? With Anvl, data automation is captured in a meaningful way so that your business can strive for continuous improvements in quality.

How do you calibrate your process?

Highly successful audit programs include process evaluations to understand overall process health and what’s effective and where improvements are needed. Anvl helps uncovers problematic areas that need calibration, such as pencil-whipping by auditors, trends and discrepancies in answers.

Anvl will Help you Reimagine your Layered Process Audit

Anvl can dive deeper into information about trends that are automatically captured from the floor. Drive continuous improvements in your business with one platform that will provide the data-driven insights that matter most of all. Ready to get started with Anvl? Click here to learn how to get started, or to see how Anvl works, visit our Product page for Layered Process Audits.